reading city

Who am I? I haven't quite figured that out yet. Life is a quest, an exciting adventure with unknown destination. Well, unknown, I know it will end one day, but everything that happens between that wonderfull beginning and the inevitable end, remains a big surprise. I'd rather talk about, how I see life, what I do, and what I am good at.

I love all living creatures. I love nature's greatness and overwhelming beauty when I swim with wild dolphins and its modesty and humbleness when I see the little cuttings florish, that I planted in my garden. I love people including all their quirky habits, their qualities and their shortcomings. I love art because it is a magical replacement for a feeling we have lost along the way.

My creative mind delivers a constant stream of ideas, that takes on a different art form everytime. I acted when I was in high school, I belted out songs in a coverband. Now I write: books, texts and columns. It's no surprise the launch for my debut novel Alea, was more of a theater show, than a book presentation.

I am a storyteller. Writing is the ultimate way for me to connect with people. With a simple progression of words on paper, I can share my experiences and insights to entertain people, to inspire or comfort them. Like I did in my novel 'Alea'.
I look forward to meeting you!

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